Company Profile

The leading technology-based services firm, specializing in streamlining the legal review process

Valora is a technology-based provider of automated document analysis and review services for the legal industry. Valora offers services for paper and electronic populations to law firms, government agencies, corporate legal departments and litigation support organizations around the world.

Valora has developed a strong expertise in the processing, management and analysis of both large and small cases with short deadlines. Our specialty is providing efficiency, organization and cost control.

In its profile of Valora, The American Lawyer magazine noted: "[Valora] gets the profession closer to something truly overdue - the semiautomated review of litigation documents."

Valora currently processes approximately 10,000,000 pages (4,000,000 documents) per week in our Bedford, MA (USA) facility. We are always adding capacity to our facility and will add dedicated capacity for specific customer projects.

Our Focus:

  • Cost Control: Valora employs various strategies in all of its services in order to bring down costs for its clients while maintaining high quality processing.

  • Time Savings: Utilizing Valora services not only saves time during the discovery process, but also enables a more efficient and speedy review.

  • Accuracy and Consistency: All work at Valora is domestic and employs some of the highest quality control systems available.